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GED Online Classes

Welcome to Pass GED®. Here we offer our GED® online classes, powered by GED® Academy.

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What Does GED® Stand For?

The initials GED® stand for ” General Education Development” The GED® measures the learners development in a variety of different subjects. The GED® test measures if the recipient is at the same level of education as a typical high school graduate.The GED® exam is world renowned and accepted as a high school leavers diploma. This is an excellent opportunity for those who might not have had the chances others might have gotten and can be used internationally and locally to seek employment.Testimonial 02

How Do You Get Your GED®?

Sign up for training and tuition with GED® academy. The cost is a once off fee of $179.00 which gives you access to our portal for the period of one year. Once you purchase our tuition, log on details will be emailed to your email address and you will be able to access the training portal right away. The GED® exam that must be written before you can qualify for a GED® diploma consists of 5 tests Mathematics, Language Arts Writing, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts Reading.Official GED® testing centers are available in your country. To book an exam is easy and cost effective.Testimonial 03

How Much Does GED Training Cost?

Your tuition through us will cost $179 for a year. After you have gone through our training portal you will be ready to write the five exams costing $50 each. So that’s a total of $429 to get your GED®, compare that with other equivalents and you will quickly realize what a cost effective and achievable option this is.

General Information

The minimum age for GED® writing is 16 years of age. You can write the subjects one by one all year around which makes doing the GED exams very flexible. Questions are generally multiple choice and will challenge your memory and comprehension skills.

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